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AI in Agriculture Learning and Development from Social:Farmers

AI In Agriculture

• Quick-win opportunities for farmers
• What's hurtling down the AI tracks for agriculture?


​Just like the great Douglas Adams' epic description of space: "AI is big, really big".

For AI traverses the breadth of human intellect and attempting to quantify all of the myriad functions of AI could be compared to trying to catalogue all the contents of the universe.

The scale of the knowledge resource is literally inconceivable. Agricultural sciences, practices, husbandry methods and farm management techniques, a massive body of knowledge by anybody's reckoning, are all only a small fraction of what AI knows and can provide you with at the touch of a fingertip or from a few spoken word. 

There is much that AI can already do in and for agriculture yet most of the useful, practical on-farm functions are untapped - there is an 'AI knowledge gap' a mile wide needing to be filled by AI learning and development.


Amazingly AI's current awesome powers and capabilities are those of a technology still developing further and faster than any previous technology has ever done.


As the AI expert's expert Andrej Karpathy said: "Strap in". 

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