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AI Platforms for AI in Agriculture

Which AI platform are best for AI in Agriculture?

In a nutshell, I'd suggest all of them. While ChatGPT has probably the biggest awareness footprint at the moment the race is very much on amongst a number of big players to be the best over a range of AI tasks. The race is creating a dynamically changing picture so that 'best platform for ...' this month may have changed by next month. And then in a whole year's time what is certain is that all platforms will have advanced beyond today's capabilities.

Free or Paid

ChatGPT offers a paid version, ChatGPT 4, with multiple extra features that can be considered essential for the power user. and likewise Claude offers Claude Pro. But don't for one minute imagine the free versions aren't an extremely powerful piece of kit, one that is unlike anything previously available. If you think Google has been useful, I'd suggest time spent working on ChatGPT will astound you.

Avoid listening to people who say AI 'just scrapes the internet' - that's what Google does and it demonstrates their fundamental misunderstanding of how AI technology is radically different from search engine technology. 



Reports of new users being underwhelmed when trying to use AI for the first can be attributed largely to treating it like Google - the only similarity is the interface and this can be the downfall of many. The trick is to forget how Google works and start learning how to use AI.

Horses for Courses

The beauty of AI's current new world is the ability to use multiple platforms concurrently at low or zero cost. Whether this remains the case will be interesting to see but at the moment AI offers tremendous opportunities to both do work better and in less time. 

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