Popular Farming Hashtags


Some hashtags, like #Harvest2021, are used around the English-speaking farming world, so these universal English (and Spanish) language agtags are globally the most popular.

Regionally geographical agtags like #ranchlife or #Ausag are popular within their country or world region. Others like #corn or #soybeans use terms that are standard in some countries but not in others.


Simple agtags like #farming or #sheep are more global but are still language dependent, e.g. it can be #pigs or #swine or #cochons or #Schweine and so on. This listing of the top fifty most commonly used agriculture hashtags was compiled by Social:Farmers in Spring 2020. It uses a relative scale with the most-used agricultural hastag, #Agriculture, based at 100.

Fodder beet root (purple)
Most popular agricultural social media hashtags
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