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ChatGPT for Marketing in Agriculture CPD/Training

Säid Business School

Oxford University
Thursday 22 June 2023


What? Why? & How?

9.40 – 10.00 am: Welcome & refreshments

11.00 – 11.20: Refreshments

12.30 – 13.15: Lunch

  • Introduction including Social:Farmers’ case studies     

  • ChatGPT 101: taming your dragon

  • Guided learning

Leaning In


  • ‘Wow, I can’t believe ChatGPT just did that’

  • Email, ads, CRM, social media, presentations, live chat, apps, data, SEO/Adwords …

  • Expert, agency-quality, press releases, feature articles, case studies, newsletters …

  • Eight powerful ways to approach ChatGPT     

  • Applying your human super-power

  • Guided learning

14.45 – 15.00: Refreshments

Into The Great Wide Open

  • Current ChatGPT use by farmers 

  • Further developments in AI important for marketing

  • Q & A round-up

16.00: Homeward bound

Who Should Attend?

It is fair to describe ChatGPT as the greatest leap in IT since Google, whose era as the 64,000lb search silverback will vaporise.

ChatGPT might be compared to an infant prodigy like, say, the five year old Mozart composing music for the very first time. Hourly, ChatGPT is growing new intelligence and, to extend the analogy, the concertos, symphonies and operas are yet to come.

For agricultural marketing ChatGPT already offers many opportunities to work faster (much, much faster) and, equally attractively, to often be able to do the same work better.

ChatGPT skills will be essential for everyone in marketing – and everywhere else in business management, customer relations, research and education.

The training day leverages our research and experiences using ChatGPT and other AI in agricultural marketing and will be of value to managing directors and marketing directors/managers in agriculture and land use wanting to formulate their own view of the scope and scale of AI’s potential in their organisations. 


To equip senior decision-makers with essential new knowledge.

Learning Objectives

About us

• Quantify ChatGPT skills 

Illustrate why ChatGPT is especially important for marketing professionals

• Explore real-world marketing outcomes faster and/or better enabled using ChatGPT

Demonstrate techniques and methods leading to optimal outcomes

Social:Farmers was established in 2014 as a digital agency specialising in social media marketing in agriculture. The team of five has delivered 2200 social media advertising campaigns in 30 countries in addition to print ads, email campaigns, copy-writing, SEO, PPC, photo & video shoots, data wrangling and communication consultancy. Learning that amazing hot new talent was able to work faster, and sometimes better, ChatGPT was warmly welcomed into the team.

Getting there

Oxford University’s Säid Business School at Egrove Park campus is conveniently located just off Oxford’s southern bypass and is less than an hour from Heathrow. If needed, overnight accommodation can usually be booked on the campus. 

Reserving a place

To reserve a place email us at or use the form below on our website at Or you are welcome to call us on 01743 352041

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