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Social:Farmers CPD Training Masterclass

Säid Business School

Oxford University
Thursday 12th October 2023


Marketing in Agriculture with ChatGPT and AI

9.40 – 10.00 am: Welcome & refreshments

11.00 – 11.20: Refreshments

12.30 – 13.15: Lunch

  • An Entire New World: Exploring the many new benefits ChatGPT brings to marketing    

  • Training Your Dragon: A comprehensive ChatGPT101 for complete beginners

  • Instant Perfection: An opportunity to get hands-on in a guided ChatGPT workshop

Opportunities For Better Marketing

Going from GIGO to SIQO

  •  “I Can’t Believe ChatGPT Just Did That”: Why ChatGPT will be on everyone’s desktop

  •  Your New Digital Swiss-Army Knife: 18 essential ChatGPT Plugins

  •  Way More Than Words: Powerful AI for Data, Video, Audio, Music and Graphic Design

  • “It’s Nothing Like Google”: Essential techniques for out-of-the-box expert copywriting     

  • Applying Your Human Superpower: Brain-picking just went nuclear

  • Appraisal of Benefits: A round-table discussion featuring special guest … ChatGPT

14.45 – 15.00: Refreshments

Joining In 

  • Adoption Strategies: Sharing benefits. Flat learning curves. AI knowledge resources

  • Triple-Lock Data Security Compliance: The brilliant newest version, ChatGPT Enterprise

  • Open Forum: Q & A discussion

16.00: Homeward bound

Who will benefit?

• Marketing professionals and managers across the wider agricultural sector

• Staying ahead of the curve as the adoption of ChatGPT and other AI changes the way we think about, and do things, in many areas of business and work is an essential new priority

Learning objectives

• Introduction to AI for non-experts, looking at the AI players and the most popular applications

• Explore the transformative powers of ChatGPT specifically in the marketing function in agriculture

• Provide opportunities for hands-on practice with need-to-know, essential ChatGPT techniques

• Enable rapid discovery and assessment of the business-potentials of future developments in AI

About us

• Social:Farmers established in 2014 as a digital agency for social media marketing in agriculture. Over 150 companies and organisations have taken part in our social media and ChatGPT masterclasses.

• The five-strong team has delivered a record 2400 successful social media advertising campaigns in 30 countries together with marketing consultancy, print advertising, PR, email marketing, SEO and PPC.

• We are the leaders in the use of ChatGPT and other AI for marketing in agriculture. The use of AI gives far superior marketing creativity and almost unbelievably fantastic time-savings.

Getting there

  • Oxford University’s Säid Business School at Egrove Park campus is handily located just off Oxford’s southern bypass. It’s an hour from Heathrow and if needed there’s on-campus overnight accommodation. 

Reserving a place

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