Tips on creating video content for agricultural social media content

The 2 Second Rule

Thinking of the movies of Steven Spielberg, the Netflix Narcos box-sets, and Coronation Street, as you do, is there a single common factor? 

All are edited with one technique. A progression of mainly two second video clips. Just two seconds.

Farming video for social media works best by sticking with the same creative convention. The reason is compelling enough - videos made with longer clips lose their initial audience in droves.

Farming audiences have the greatest affinity with video of farming activity. Video of livestock, machinery in action, and crop work have the greatest audience 'stickability'. So far, so unsurprising.

Of little interest is someone talking to camera (or two people in conversation). Firstly the face, even the MD's or a locally well-respected farmer's, is probably not one that most of the audience recognise (celebrities are different). And secondly the sound is most likely off, sub-titles can help a little, but not a lot.

Recognising the central role video has in social media marketing we have created a unique asset library of UK farming videos covering all areas of agricultural activity.

 If you would like to be using more video we will be delighted to help, our UK farming video library is comprehensive.

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