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Social Media for Marketing in Agriculture CPD/Training

Säid Business School

Oxford University
Thursday 9th November 2023


9.40 – 10.00 am: Welcome & refreshments

Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing In Agriculture

  • Understanding Reality: a guide to DIY social media marketing performance auditing     

  • Inspiration from The Top: eight standout agricultural business accounts to emulate

  • Vital Statistics: three measures guaranteed to increase marketing performance

11.15 – 11.35: Refreshments

Reaching Farming Audiences

  • Platform Priorities: Snog: Marry: Avoid. The most effective platforms for agriculture 

  • Precision Targeting: The targeting tree; 12 transformative techniques

  • Influencer Insights: genuine influencers, superficial influencers and PAIs

12.45 – 13.35: Lunch

Crafting Great Content for Marketing

  • Designing with Purpose: the ‘Goldilocks Principle’ of graphic design for social media

  • The Director’s Cut: being crystal clear about your content aims and objectives

  • Putting It All Together: Hands-on guided learning workshop

14.45 – 15.00: Refreshments

Using ChatGPT in Your Social Media Marketing 

  • The Gift of Brilliant Creativity: “Words for nothing and graphics for free” 

  • Tapping Into AI: adoption strategies and astonishing new developments

  • Open Forum: Q & A

16.00: Homeward bound

Who will benefit?

  • All marketing professionals in the agricultural sector.

  • Why? Over 95% of businesses in the agricultural supply sector aren’t using social media for marketing correctly or have given up trying to use it.

  • This one-day Masterclass will share our successes and the odd failure learned while planning and executing over 2400 social media marketing campaigns in agriculture for our clients.

Learning objectives

​•    Quantify methods of determining the effectiveness of social media marketing campaigns

•    Differentiate the reasons why some posted content is effective marketing content, and why some is not

•    Provide a quantitative framework for establishing a successful farming audience reach strategy

•    Demonstrate combinations of techniques and methods leading to optimal outcomes

About us

  • Social:Farmers was established in 2014 as a digital agency for social media marketing in agriculture. Over 150 companies and organisations have taken part in our social media and ChatGPT masterclasses.

  • The five-strong team has delivered 2400 successful social media advertising campaigns in 30 countries together with supporting marketing consultancy, print advertising, PR, email marketing, SEO and PPC.

  • We are the leaders in the use of ChatGPT and other AI for marketing in agriculture. The use of AI gives far superior marketing creativity and almost unbelievably fantastic time-savings.

Getting there

  • Oxford University’s Säid Business School at Egrove Park campus is handily located just off Oxford’s southern bypass. It’s an hour from Heathrow and if needed there’s on-campus overnight accommodation.

Reserving a place

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