'Reach is king;
content is the pawns.'

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38,000 UK Farm Videos and Images

The critical success factor is having accurate audience targeting. Without accurate promoted reach applied at scale, spending time or money producing content is, frankly, a mostly token activity. If their achieved reach is quantitatively measured, without accurate promotion even great creatives typically barely scratch the surface of awareness beyond a regular inner circle of colleagues, friends and business allies, and as counter-intuitive as it seems, this is especially true for accounts with many followers. Algorithm Research explains why this is the tough reality facing social media marketeers.

Alongside the heritage channels and other digitals, social media has the most voracious appetite for new content. New videos, new images and new ideas are the marketing drivers that engage social audiences.

Originating effective social media content for farming audiences demands an inexhaustible source of the most interesting farming videos and images. For clients using our graphic design and video origination we furnish a unique, continually expanding, asset library of 38,000 recent UK farming videos and images at no cost. (Editing Video for Social Media explains more.)

Uniquely accurate farming audience targeting

Social:Farmers' track record of 1100 social media promotions, purely in agriculture, is one of our unique knowledge-bases informing new client promotions. We really know what works and why.

In 2022 promoting social media content will represent over 30% of all digital marketing spend. By 2024 that proportion will exceed 50%. Meanwhile, digital's share of all media spend will rise from 61% to 68%.

Which means promoting content on social media - rather than web ads, email, websites, SEO, PPC and all of the heritage marketing options - will command the greatest proportion of all marketing spending. From literally zero to super-hero in 20 years.

With 85%+ (Ofcom) of UK farmers currently on social
media is your marketing strategy prepared? 

Accurate farming audience targeting is difficult. Social media platforms offer deceptively simple promotion interfaces but deliberately superficial demographics of the audience delivered by promotions, yet measurement of accuracy is vital. For seven years we have been using mathematical data analysis in perfecting our farming audience targeting techniques. All clients use our accurate promotion methodologies. None consider free social media a part of their marketing strategy.

Insights into our scientific methods, the 'whys and hows' of our data-smart social media marketing, purely in agriculture, can be found at Algorithm Research

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