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Advanced Content

There's some four billion of us, including 85% of the UK farming audience, connected on social media. Marketing opportunities don’t come in a larger size. 

We see social media content at between 20 and 70 items per minute. Which crucially, on planet marketing at least, means having a second or two to spark viewers into a higher level of interest and take a time out from scrolling to engage with your content.

The Advanced Content Masterclass will draw from analyses of the dataset compiled from Social:Farmers' 1200 client social media campaigns to provide unique, new and valuable marketing insights.

Social:Farmers' Masterclasses


The aims of the Advanced Content Masterclass are: [1] to give a full understanding of how farming audiences respond to different marketing content, in particular of course, which is most successful; [2] to look at techniques and tools for creating advanced content; and [3] to identify best-practice for social media performance analysis.

A Day For Specialists

Established in 2015, the Masterclasses have provided a uniquely agriculture-focussed source of knowledge for all involved in marketing in agriculture. The discussions sparked between participants are always interesting, with experiences and valuable input coming from all areas of agriculture and land-use. Some of the well-known names we've welcomed include: 

Following the necessary two-year pause the Masterclass at Rothamsted on 26 May 2022 will be the first opportunity to pick up on the latest developments in best practice in social media marketing for agriculture.

Walking the walk

Social:Farmers is unique in having originated, managed and evaluated some 1200 social media marketing campaigns for arable and livestock clients. 

The collated data are a unique and invaluable resource, both for developing new client content and feeding data-lead, expert knowledge and experience into the Masterclasses.

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