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Best ways of reaching farmers on social media
Honey bee on pink apple blossom
Merlo handler filling seed drill with bags of spring oats

Reasons To Use Our Targeting

Best Farmer Reach
Developed over seven years our farming audience targeting is uniquely accurate. How do we know? We are actively tracking almost all farming audience targeting by UK users, and many overseas users, of social media promotion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Unique Features
Built into our targeting are a number of bespoke features proprietary to Social:Farmers based on our unique research. We have conducted over 70 studies into the use of social media by farming audiences.

Unparalleled Track Record
We have supported and managed over 1400 promoted social media campaigns targeted at farming audiences. Each has delivered its own accuracy, engagement, click-through and other data to build a unique knowledge base informing new promotions.

Highly Effective
Accurately promoted social media content is the most effective way of reaching farming audiences. Neither free-to-use social media nor normal use of the platforms’ promotion interfaces are close to the effectiveness of our targeting systems.

Seling Power
Nothing proves the power of the combined effectiveness of our targeting and our content than delivering online sales direct from farmers for ecommerce clients. Our social media is delivering daily direct farmer sales.

Geographical Accuracy
Our social media promotion works equally well at multi-national, national and regional scales.

More Brand Awareness
Promoted social media ensures that, whatever the specific message, the brand is constantly being kept in mind - if desired at greater frequency than can be achieved by print, email and newsletters combined.

The cost of accurate social media promotion is by far the most cost-effective means of reaching farming audiences.

Pro-active Marketing
One important advantage is that social media promotion is pro-active. The audience member is being reached when they are browsing their social media channel(s) of choice with promoted contented inserted into their feed. There is no reliance on visiting a website, conducting a search engine search, opening an email, or taking a periodical from its wrapper. 

Maximum Agility
Social media promotion can be very timely, and particularly so on Twitter where new messaging can achieve wide reach in hours to capitalise on a recent announcement or ongoing weather vicissitude.

Content Adaptable
Accurate social media promotion works well for all types of content; video, graphics and text. There is still a requirement that content must be correctly executed to achieve its objective. We can advise from our wide experience of fulfilling different marketing objectives.

Campaign Synergy
Accurate social media promotion works well complementing print campaigns and event stands. 

Reaching the wider farming audience means that accurate social media promotion of job vacancies is an excellent additional use of accurate farming audience targeting.

Flexible Options
We offer our accurate social media farming audience reach as either a standalone to maximise the benefit of content produced in-house or by another supplier, or in conjunction with content originated by Social:Farmers as a full social media service. Our unique asset library of 38,000 UK farming videos and images enables fast production of high-quality content creatives.

Essential Marketing
A test we apply for every client proposal is ‘what would we be doing ourselves?’ Accurate social media farmer audience targeting in our opinion is now an essential for every marketing strategy.

Beating The Competition

A gargantuam paradox hides in plain sight in social media. While available audiences number in billions, the promotion slots in each individual user's browsing session are in the dozens.  An agricultural business faces competition for these few target audience slots not only from direct competitors but also other kinds of business, and consumer advertisers. Winning the three-way competition depends on being the most accurate targeter. Platforms favour accurately targeted promotions ahead of weaker targeting and broad promotion.

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