Social:Farmers is the leading specialist agricultural social media agency. We deliver great agricultural social media using knowledge of practical farming and leading-edge social media skills.

Social Media Training Masterclasses

Interested in specialist agricultural social media training? The next training masterclass for social media in agriculture is on Tuesday 19 September at Oxford University Business School, Oxford, UK. Click here for more information

Free guide to outsourcing social media

Our new free guide is all about what works and why in social media in agriculture.

  • Social Media & Agriculture Overview
  • Secrets Of Winning Quality Followers
  • Achieving Maximum Reach
  • Engaging Content Strategies
  • Farmers And Social Media Channels
  • The Proven S-T-A Content System
  • The Golden Stat. How To Track It
  • What Farmers Really Don't Like
  • What Farmers Really Do Like
  • Six Management Requirements
  • Case Studies
  • Outsourcing Costs And Benefits

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    Account management

    Growing target audience follower numbers and winning engagement go hand-in-hand. Our proven strategies are combined with creative content and in-house practical farming experience and deliver the best specialist account management available.


    Different audiences have different needs and we know the agricultural audiences very well. Our follower strategy grows your audience specifically from your target audiences.


    An audience that engages is an audience that appreciates you understand social media. Our strategies win engagement from farmers and agricultural audiences.


    A large part of marketing is achieving reach and we deliver the greatest social media reach available in agriculture in the UK and globally.


    Making the most of social media means using advertising. We develop bespoke social media campaigns using channel optimised content and a unique reach enablement service.


    Originating, developing and executing great social media content wins engagement and attracts new followers.


    We are tracking and monitoring whole audiences by country and sector and so we’re perfectly placed to provide interactivity. Interactivity is absolutely vital if a brand is to be an appreciated player in social media.


    Numbers really matter in social media and our uniquely developed analytics give the most powerful insights available into the performance of social media.


    For new beginners and experienced practitioners our masterclasses in social media for agriculture are the perfect way to gain knowledge and new skills.