Measurably better social media

With a projected 90% of UK farmers using social media by 2023, businesses across agriculture have the new marketing and selling opportunity of a lifetime.

Key questions need answering if social media is to fulfil its potential. How much time to spend, and budget to allocate; which platforms to use, and which not to use; what targets to set; what content do farmers want to see; how to build a quality audience, what is a quality audience; how to reach the many farmers who don’t follow and won't follow; how significant is engagement; and - most importantly of all - how to make effective use of social media marketing ?

Focussing specifically on the needs of agriculture, since 2014 Social:Farmers has been finding the answers with direct and indirect primary research using both established and our own unique and newly developed methodologies.

Benefits for clients include: new business sales that come directly from social media, easily out-reaching competitors’ accounts, seeing field-leading engagement figures, and seeing similarly great numbers on the proportions of farmers as new followers.

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Free Guide to Social Media in Agriculture

Our free guide includes what works and why in social media in agriculture.

  • Overview of Social Media In Agriculture
  • Some Secrets Of Marketing Success
  • Social Media Channels for Agriculture
  • The Social Media Reach Factor
  • Nudge Factors for Content Engagement
  • The Proven S-T-A System
  • Tracking The Golden Stat
  • What Farmers Do & Don't Like
  • First-hand Successful Case Studies

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    Oxford Masterclasses

    Our next Masterclass
    is on Tuesday 27 Februrary 2018 at the Jurys Inn Oxford, UK. The best one-day route to developing more effective social media marketing - register now and get your 2018 marketing year off to a flying start.

    Top ten reasons to attend

  • 100% social media marketing in agriculture
  • First-hand successful case studies
  • Key nudge factors to unlock engagement
  • Opportunity to talk strategy
  • Save time with the best tracking tools
  • From marketing experience, not theory
  • Extensive primary research insights
  • New marketing management knowledge
  • Over 100 past attendees
  • The day's full slide set for reference

  • This specialist professional development training Masterclass is for all marketing communications professionals and managers across agriculture and will be lead by Peter Gill of Social:Farmers.

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    Measurably the best social media

    Interested in impressive measurable ROI on social media marketing for your business or brand? Interested in seeing how effective social media marketing in agriculture can be? Prefer numbers and hard data to aspirational aims and objectives? Call for a chat about our specialist account management service for social media marketing in agriculture on 01743 352041 or use the online form